Date: 2015-12-24 10:49 pm (UTC)
EDIT: It would help if I pasted the fucking link, wouldn't it!

Oh yeah! They used to do a Christmas song every year from 2004-2011. Sadness that there hasn't been one since, but they are busy folks who keep getting jerked around by Adult Swim.

Here's a page that has alla them. :D

Some pretty good writeups too, though the writer's kinda reaching for criticism in some places. (For one, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch being transgender is only a fan-theory, and the creators actually attribute her deep voice to her excessive smoking habit. So the article writer getting a bit miffy over The Monarch quoting a line from a song at her that contains a gay slur kinda made me roll my eyes a bit. Especially since the showrunners DO sometimes address LGBTQ+ issues and generally know where they're coming from--and a lot of the time when they depict an issue with insensitivity, it's intended as a portrayal of the flaws of the characters involved rather than the creators not knowing what they're talking about. That said, while I agree it'd be great to have more female characters in the show, I also understand WHY they're so limited in their voice actors, to the point of the male showrunners doing most of the voices Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, the one prominent female character.)
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